Challenge : 
The hushed world of jewellery must rethink its ways and customs to satisfy a clientele that has become nomadic and unpredictable. The desire for exclusive experience becomes clearer, giving a second breath to the special controls. 
The project was to redesign a jewelry brand to create a new communication strategy, based on print and web communication channels, in order to create a home in the world of jewellery. 
Annie Berner’s client universe is based on a contemporary vision of jewellery, minimalist but at the same time decadent. It will come back to more vintage things that will go to the essentials. This client universe will allow them to understand the strength of the fashion environment that it tends to represent; tendentious but chic, lush but of course elegant.
A graphic redesign is carried out to develop the brand now positioned as an author and not a parent brand. Our goal is to escape signatures, stand out in jewelry and anchor the decadent culture of porn-chic consumption.
We want to combine tradition and modernity by giving a new twist to the brand while strengthening the link between jewelry and its digital content.
The alliance between the past, the present and the future.
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