Challenge : 
Our project was to create a festival, a somewhat bizarre festival, a little intriguing, out of the ordinary.. An original festival. 

As a team of 2, we designed the «Dumpling Festival» a weekend filled with Asian ravioli of all kinds, with a concept of «stage» for each country where we would find their best chefs.
Our job at was to create the entire graphic identity of the festival as well as its internal and external communication, and all the marketing of the event (marketing strategy, positioning, goodies, etc.)
Identity :
For identity, we create a palette of primary colors ( pink and green ) and then contrasted with other secondary colors more vivid ( purple, smaragdin green, shades of roses ) to give relief to our universe. 

All the communication revolves around a character «Xiao» an anthropomorphisated gyoza that aims to enrich the relationship between brand and consumers.
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