Challenge :
Le vieux café is an institutional Brasserie in the city of Uzès, in the south of France.  I was able to work with them to completely redesign their visual identity and communication. But also on the model of their website.
Identity :
The old identity being dated and almost innexisante, we resumed at 0. At the level of the color palette, we opted for a shades of blue, appealing to the memory of summer, the beautiful weather and therefore of the south but it is also a color has the faculty to calm, who makes it one of its main characteristics in terms of perception and understanding.
For branding in general I was able to make illustrations of the city of Uzès as the Duchy or the former prison that will serve for the communication of the brand. 
I then worked on the drinks cards, declined on 5 different pages hung on a wooden board for the "Terroir" side.
Finally we worked on the model of the website in order to create a "website showcase" on which we could find the maps, but also the events, as well as the history of the restaurant and some photos and their contacts.
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