The challenge for this work was really about the responsive part, i really wanted to implement my design as best I could.
So I kept the menu and the original footer of the Omega website, as this project was only a landing page and not an entire redesign. 
About the typography I used Made Sonara, a serif font with lot of contrast who work very well with luxurious art and fashion brand to bring a refined effect and a touch of authority to the LP. With that I used a simple Montserrat, nice to read more suitable for screens and web use, more sober and more impactful. 
The two fonts will mix innovation and legacy, as the watch itself.
About the colors, I stayed quiet simple with a grey gradient and the b&w values to remind the moon and the product.
For the animations, i imagined few movements to give depth to the LP, which is why we find for example gradients in the presentation of the watch models (which is done with the horizontal scroll ). Throughout the application there is also horizontal scroll to bring interaction with the user, always guided by arrows to facilitate the UI.
I am still working today on the addition of motions designs that will be great for th UX part, to create like a moon loop that would become full moon to half-moon and aim towards that.
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