Challenge : 
Fashion stands out, but what about communication? 
For this project we were asked to create a 360 communication campaign to promote a brand, its concept, its passion.
Ottolinger is a young Swiss/German brand of women’s prêt-à-porter whose tears and burns constitute the signature, today well anchored in the world of fashion, the identity of the brand is centered on an unconventional approach, very deconstructivist by an original use of textures.
We worked in teams of 3 to carry out a sectoral study to be able to create 3 innovative communication media for the brand.
Our campaign therefore revolves around the theme of: The treasure hunt.
3 posters with 3 messages/tracks ( place, date, time ). A surprise box sent to fashion influencers, with a trailer that will reveal the same information. And the finality of a wild parade in paris to exhibit the new collection.
We also created the campaign’s graphic identity, in line with the brand’s existing identity.
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